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About Yuyue

Ningbo Youwell AutoParts Technology Co., Ltd. , mainly engaged in electric vehicle core parts system solutions. Themain products are AC EV charger DC EV charger. electric vehicle socket, Wire Harness & Socket, brake disc, clutchfacing, all kinds of mechanical brake materials and all kinds of automobile switches, etc. Youwell has been developed toproduce "YOUWELLEV" "YOUYEEV", "YUYUEV","YUYUEEV"charger with independent intellectual property right, including productdesign, structure research and d

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Yuyue Spirit

The company actively advocates the "Yuyue" spirit of "artisan, team, diligence and happiness", and the business philosophy of "simple to the extreme". Each Yuyue team is clinging to the group, close to customers, quick response, and tailor-made Keep improving and be loved and appreciated by our customers. The company provides customers with high-performance and refined products and services, helps customers achieve their goals faster and more effectively than competitors, responds quickly to customers' unique problems,...

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